Read for Kindness Project

What does the Read for Kindness Project

 Read for Kindness Project is our way to raise awareness of the importance of exposing youth to books and celebrate books that promote kindness. 

When is Read for Kindness Project celebrated?

Our Read for Kindness Project is celebrated 3 times a year. We encourage reading books everyday, however, take the time out to read or purchase books that supports kindness or positive social emotional well being.

02/14/2024- Valentine Day-Give the gift of a book on valentines day and brighten up someone's life.

03/07/2024- World Book Day- Pick out a kindness book and take some time to read to yourself or someone.

11/13/2024- World Kindness Day- This is our big celebration. We are encourage others to have a kindness party and include the theme books. You can party on the actual day or the weekend.

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