Packed with Kindness @King ES

There has been a lot of amazing things happening for our organization at "Packed with Kindness." We are excited that "Parade Day" was released through our Glossy Pals Book series. Parade Day celebrates community helpers and teaches youth about how they help in our community. Frankie has a hard time figuring out which community helper he would like to be, while his friends are excited to get ready for a parade to raise money for hospitalized youth. Purchase this book and support our organization to travel to schools or organizations and create Kindness Cards.

This month we partnered with King ES in Washington DC to create Kindness Cards for Children's Hospital. "Do the Write Thing" is a great organization that invited us to read our new book and create cards. Thank you for the opportunity, we were able to send out 25 cards.

If you would like to create cards and send to our organization we would love your donation. Get crafty in your spare time and create cards that spread a positive message. Back to school is coming and what an amazing way to spread some love for youth.