Grow Kindness Spaces

"Grow Kindness" began as a school project with the mission of creating kindness spaces in school, home or neighborhood. The space can be in a library, garden or classroom. We just need our Kindness elves or educators to find space and "Grow Kindness". The initiative can be started as a homebased project, classroom project, afterschool club or a student initiative. We just hope you keep the space updated throughout the year so students can visit. Our rule is simple: Be Kind. This space should include three things: kind words, signage to let youth know it is safe space and Acts of Kindness displayed.


Our Mission is to increase early literacy and acts of kindness.


Building a future of compassionate youth through literacy and Acts of Kindness

Grow Kindness Library Spaces

"Grow Kindness" library space should expose youth to books that focus on Kindness. The library can be in a teacher classroom, school library or outdoors.

Grow Kindness Garden Spaces

Youth gain hands on experience on how a garden can create a kindness space in schools. Youth tend to a outdoor or indoor garden by planting and maintaining the garden. Creating a kindness space for others in the garden is great calm down space. Include kind words throughout the garden with fun rocks or signage. Garden spaces can even incorporate kindness books.

Grow Kindness Spaces in the Classroom or Home

Classrooms or your home can be turned into great kindness spaces. Include cardmaking centers, book drive area or a kindness library with a cozy corner!