We love sharing pictures of our Glossy Pals (those who spread or receive kindness), please send pictures or kind words to our organization at packedwithkindness@gmail.com!

Service Learning

Would your child like to earn service learning hours? This project can be completed from anywhere in the United States. 

For every 12 cards you make you can earn 1 hour of service learning. Student must follow our card making guidelines. Students can email their service learning form to be completed to packedwithkindness@gmail.org or mail with their cards. Please include your full name, address, school name.

 Guidelines for cardmaking with Packed with Kindness


   1. Create cards with cardstock instead of construction paper.  Cardstock is preferred due to durability and allows for the cards to last for the receiving child.

2. Use craft supplies such as stickers, crayons, markers, stamps, colored pencils. Please refrain from using glitter, it becomes very messy.

Card Guidelines:

1. Choose the audience for your cards: ( youth in the hospital, holiday senior citizen cards)

2. Only write your first name inside of the card for safety reasons. Do not include personal information such as your last name or phone number. You can write the state or organization.

3. Write words of encouragement, focus less on comments related to sickness such as "I Hope you feel better" or "I hope you are okay." We want to focus on encouraging the child, not the illness.

write words such as: You rock, One tough cookie, You inspire me, Smile!   

4. Take your time and draw pictures that either support your encouraging words or pictures that are uplifting such as flowers, rainbows, smiley faces. 

Please Do Not:

*create cards for specific holidays for hospitalized children

*write last name, include phone number or email address

*add glitter

*write words related to an specific illness

*write religious comments such as "God Bless, The lord is with you, He is a healer" since we create cards for all nationalities and religions. We respect the request from the hospital.