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Packed with Kindness mission is to encourage early literacy and grow kindness. Therefore, we highlight books that spread kindness on our social media page. We also publish our own books that spread kindness through our educators. These books can be used in classrooms or home. Buying our books helps us to publish more books in the future.

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I Can't Draw

Have you heard the words I can't from your child over and over again. Well you will love this story as Ruby goes to school and uses her favorite words "I Can't on a Art activity." Find out how Ruby overcomes her fear and changes her words.

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Kindness Goes to the Playground

One day, the Kindness Dog happens upon a playground and notices kids displaying mean behaviors. The Kindness Dog tries to save the day by teaching others how to show acts of kindness. The Kindness Dog is a shinning, bright, ray of sunshine that everyone will fall in love with. This rhyming book mission is to teach kindness, empathy and problem solving. Can Kindness Dog save the day?

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Ruby Learns to Write

School can be hard and writing can be even harder. Now that Ruby has learned to draw in her previous book "I Can't Draw" now she has to write. How will she learn to spell words or even write letters. Buy Ruby Learns to Write and find out how Ruby accomplishes her goal.

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Parade Day!

Ruby and her friends are excited about their annual costume day. As they prepare to find the perfect costume to represent a community helper, Frankie can’t decide who he wants to be. Enjoy learning about community helpers and how the students help a local hospital in their own community.

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Bondad, el cachorro de Ruby!

Kindness is no longer a puppy, and he begins to realize that he looks different from the other dogs. Kindness sets out on an adventure to change his stripes to be like other dogs. On his adventure he learns about the colors in his stripes and how important they are by those that need him the most. Will kindness return home changed or stay who he is?

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The Glossy Pals Club is excited to perform their first single " We Are One" at the annual Summerfest in the park. While the girls are consumed with learning how to become a band they discover a lost furry friend in the park. Will the girls pull off being a band? Will they help their furry friend find their way home? Creativity can solve almost any problem, can the girls overcome their obstacles.

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The Glossy Pals Club is back again and they are making their world a better place one problem at a time. In the new book "Touchdown" a new student has moved to the school with no friends and worst, did not make the football team. The Glossy Pals Club will get together to devise a plan to meet Dani and help get there new friend on the team.

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Glossy Pals Coloring Book

Glossy Pal Girl Club is back with an amazing coloring book of that will lift confidence of all girls. The book is a filled with positive affirmations and illustrations that represent girls in a positive way! "I am history", "Love the skin you're in", and "I am a dancer" are just a few of the positive affirmations that are sure to inspire and promote positive self-image. This coloring book is the perfect solution to promote self-esteem, self-awareness, and positivity.

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