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Kindness in the Garden

Cultivating Kindness in the Garden

In a world often overwhelmed by hustle and bustle, the garden serves as a sanctuary, offering solace and tranquility to those who need it. But beyond its aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits, the garden can also teach us valuable lessons about kindness. 

Nurturing Nature in our afterschool program

Teaching Kindness to youth in the garden begins with learning how the garden works. Learning about the essential elements plants need to thrive, such as water, sunlight, and fertile soil, we show kindness to the natural world. Understanding the needs of different plants and insects demonstrates empathy and respect for all living beings. Our workshops also incorporate social emotional, literacy and math. 

Magnify glasses are the window to the gardens soul

Allowing students to use magnify glasses in the garden is a great way discover seeds, plants, insects and many more. Learning to take turns, being mindful of space and taking care of their discoveries is a great way to show kindness in the garden.